Customer Focus & Spiders

Ian Lurie Mar 20 2007

spidersI was just on the phone advising a client when a spider the size of my wallet came crawling up my arm.

Seattle is the spider capital of America, by the way.

I flicked it off without missing a beat. I doubt the client even noticed. I didn’t scream at 40 decibels or anything.

If that’s not customer focus, I don’t know what is…

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  1. Holy Crap! I would have screamed!
    I am deathly afraid of spiders… looks like my plans to move to Seattle are gone now ..

  2. It’s amazing how having the right priorities focuses the mind.

  3. Tammy


    I almost screamed on your behalf just reading this! :) Amazing focus, I quite agree with you and Brian.
    Alas, I didn’t have quite the same success with my own spider run in ( , see #4) a while back.
    I guess I’ll have to rethink that trip to Seattle..

  4. ian


    I have to admit I have an advantage. I’m fascinated by spiders. But normally that means I put them in a glass to release them in the garden, where they can eat Aphids to their little heart’s content.
    Even I shudder when one gets too close and personal…

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