Democrats, Online: More of the Same?

Ian Lurie Jul 13 2006

Anonymous businessman with a box on his head offering a handshake.In the last election cycle, John Kerry’s web site required registration before you could learn about his candidacy. Seemed a bit ludicrous at the time, and later on in the campaign they removed the registration requirement.

Now, the DCCC has a new video on their site. It’s quite controversial. Only problem is, you can’t watch it without providing your e-mail address and ZIP code.

How can you brand yourself as the party opposing NSA wiretapping, and then require people to identify themselves before they can hear what you have to say?

I said it in 2004. I’ll say it again: Function is Message. Build your site to match your message. Or it’ll be more of the same in 2006.

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  1. Politicians drive me insane!
    I like how you have added the Digg it. Should bring you increased exposure. First time I have seen it on your post.

  2. ian


    Unfortunately I had to pull the Digg It feature. released this gadget, but it doesn’t work reliably in Safari or Internet Explorer on a PC.

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