Don’t Depend on Your Spell Checker

Ian Lurie May 22 2007

Don't Rely on Spell-check

We’ve all made these kinds of groaners. It’s ‘palette’, not ‘palate’, I’m pretty sure.

Don’t depend on your spell checker. Computers will faithfully replicate your mistakes.

This one’s on AdAge. Ouch…

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  1. Jann


    I’ve seen a scanning/spellchecking error turn $8,000 dollars into 58,000 dollars. Your headline is right on.

  2. Debra Birt

    Debra Birt

    Their was a thyme wen people gnu the rules of grammar and spelling. And if they kneaded help, they wood take a peak at a dictionary. Now won terns two Spellchecker. Watt a choice!

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