Facebook Advertising Rate Card Leaked

Ian Lurie Jul 30 2007

fb rate cardsThis from Mashable: An insider at Facebook leaked their rate card.

Why You Should Care

There are a lot of happy eyeballs drying themselves out while staring at Facebook. In addition, there’s an increasing number of Facebook productivity applications. That means that business users may start using the site as a day-to-day business tool

You can see the entire rate card on Mashable’s site. In the mean time, some quick hits:

  • A 3-month run sponsoring a group, which includes a 120 x 600 tower ad, a some choice links and a viral promotion will cost you $150,000.
  • A homepage sponsored story? $50,000 minimum.

Great information about ad rates on the current ‘it’ website…

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  1. If we (humans!) could only charge that much… :)

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