Folksonomies – I told ya so

Ian Lurie Apr 15 2005

wpn yahooA few months ago I raised Folksonomies like Technorati as an emerging online marketing venue. Well, now WebProNews has an article talking about Tagvertising.

– Search engines, from Looksmart to Ask Jeeves, are purchasing folksonomies and trying to integrate the technology into search results.
– is also investing.
Now, I could say things like, ‘I said this in February‘. But I won’t. I’m above that. Instead, I’ll just keep scooping everyone.

Ian’s next predictions regarding Folksonomies:
– Folksonomie spam will become a problem: Saavy but unethical marketers will try to use these sites to create viral marketing campaigns by getting teams of people to tag and feature sites.
– Search engines will increasingly integrate the taxonomies created by the public (Folk + Taxonomy – get it?) in an attempt to generate more relevant results.

Regardless, this kind of collaborative tagging is going to become a regular part of the landscape. If you’re a marketer, you need to spend a little time on or, or, to get a feel for it all.

tags : conversation marketing