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When it comes to Gen Y Advertisements, Pigeonholing is a Major Party Foul

Yes, Gen Y is young, driven, spoiled, busy. But a slew of recent advertisements neglect to notice that we are also well-educated, scarily mature, and shrewd as hell. In other words, we know when we’re being talked down to. And now we are talking back with a message for you: When it comes to banking and savings accounts (and any other important issue), Gen Y doesn’t just want to have fun. When it comes to serious issues, we want to be treated seriously, shown the value, and supplied with all the facts. So please, lay off the bright colors and one word ads. We’re young adults, yes, but we’re not infants.

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Yes, Gen Y may be more free-spirited than older generations, but that cavalier attitude applies to things like exposed bra straps, not our hard-earned post-collegiate cash flow. By pandering to offensive stereotypes, these institutions ignore their very real selling points (Washington Mutual: free checking, ING Direct: best interest rates) in favor of bubblegum-colored advertisements featuring bonehead exclamations. Who thought of this? Hopefully marketers will soon realize if we’re old enough to have banking accounts, we’re old enough to care about things like ATM fees, interest rates and having our hard-earned money safeguarded with responsibility and respect. In conclusion, whoever said orange was the new Gen Y bank ad color was seriously disturbed! For examples of fierce creative done correctly, why not check out the Portentfolio?

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  1. This has always been a pet peeve of mine.
    When I was looking at cars, one of the dealers pointed at one and said ‘This was designed for the Y generation! That’s you!’.
    I rolled my eyes.
    Just because it was designed ‘for me’ (probably by older people who know nothing about me), doesn’t mean I want it. Nothing is more annoying, except maybe XTREME marketing.

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