Google Gains 68% Search Marketshare, Could Go Bankrupt Any Day Now

Ian Lurie May 14 2008

Google now controls the United States.
I mean, we knew that already, right? But now it’s official.
Hitwise reports that Google received 67.9% of all US searches.
So Sergey, can you do something about Iraq?…

Now What? The Long, Slow Slide to Mediocrity

The problem for Google at this point? They really have nowhere to go but down. Sure, they could gain control of 75% of the search market. But folks will just shrug. They complain because GOOG’s share price is only $576, for heaven’s sake.
Steve Ballmer can sit back and laugh as Google goes through the same pains Microsoft has: Sure, you guys have an operating system that controls 90%+ of the market, but what have you done for shareholders lately?
Google’s already showing signs of a brain drain. That’s natural as geniuses decide they want to prove they can fly without Google holding them up. But it will prove problematic. All the free lunches and catered dinners in the world won’t keep someone who holds $750k in stock and wants to do something new.
In the mean time, the press is falling all over itself to crown the next Googlebeater, even when they don’t want to be crowned. Witness all the hype around Facebook, even though the CEO says “We don’t know what the hell we are.”
While the only challengers have fallen flat on their faces, all that attention is going to keep attracting new players.
So now, Google, I bid you adieu.
I’ll bet your share price will be as low as $575 in just a few months.

While We Wait

In the mean time, I suggest we all focus our search marketing efforts on Google. Even if they lose 25% of their marketshare, they’d still be able to strike fear in the hearts of search geeks nationwide.

I don’t usually report on news. It’s boring. And 4,000,000 other sites do it, too. But 68% marketshare? That’s amazing.

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    Semi humorous post in Conversational Marketing on Google Gaining 68% Search Marketshare, Could Go Bankrupt Any Day Now"..They really have nowhere to go but down. Sure, they could gain control of 75% of the search market. But folks will just…

  2. They could kill two birds with one stone by becoming a paid directory. They would profit from all those who would pay to be included in the SERPs, and end the silly “No Future for SEO” debate, all in one fell swoop.

  3. I hate search engines. It’s become virtually impossible for a new site starting to get even reasonable ranking. Business sites are almost impossible to improve, without spending thousands of dollars on ads and link backs. SEO guys don’t realize how SE’s are killing their service. Who needs them, if, even if you use their service you may not see any results for any period of given time? Oh and Google dominates because they are good, make no mistake. MSN/Yahoo just aren’t as innovative. Google seems to take more pride in what they do/provide. I just think big business has moved in and smashed everyone else in the listings.

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