Google Buys Feedburner

Ian Lurie May 23 2007

Google just bought Feedburner for about $100 million bucks.

What does Feedburner do? They make it easier to distribute and consume RSS feeds. By purchasing Feedburner, Google purchases another huge network on which to distribute their pay per click advertising: RSS feeds.

What’s an RSS feed? Think of it as an up-to-date list of article titles from a blog or other web site. Anywhere you see this:

RSS Feed Icon

you can subscribe to and receive updates using a feedreader, so you don’t have to visit the site. It’s especially useful for big information consumers like me, who track lots of sites at once:

RSS Feed Reader

If a site publishes an RSS feed, then I can track new stuff on that site without having to remember to visit the site itself.

This is a very smart purchase by Google. $100 million is a huge payday for Feedburner, but the potential revenue from selling ads in nearly 1 million feeds already in Feedburner is huge.

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  1. This is AMAZING news for content publishers. That means we can start having Google ads in our feeds and actually tracking our feeds in google analytics. These are exciting times, indeed.

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