Google, I Was Joking, OK?!

Ian Lurie May 15 2008

OK, guys, my post yesterday about Google going downhill was tongue-in-cheek, OK? So stop putting the hatesss on me!
Since about noon today, almost any search I do from my innocent Macbook Pro gets me this page:
I’ve checked carefully, and I’m pretty sure I’m not an automated program. Unless I’m living in a matrix designed to keep me happy while I provide power to a race of intelligent machines…

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  1. AlexisB


    Funny… same thing happened to us a few weeks back and still happens occasionally. We aren’t automated bots either. :)

  2. Mrs S

    Mrs S

    Seriously? This isn’t an April Fool? Wow! All hail the powerful google!

  3. That’ll teach you who you shouldn’t mess with hehe.
    I love you Google!

  4. Matt


    ooooh, you ticked off the google gods Ian.. You robot you..

  5. Richard Hayes

    Richard Hayes

    Yeah … I get this all the time! Very annoying!!

  6. Mark B

    Mark B

    Do you use Keyword Ranking tools or any other bots that might be hitting Google too frequently? If you aren’t then maybe somebody on your IP or IP block is doing this.
    You also might have a Firefox extension doing automated queries (assuming you are using Firefox).
    There could be a lot of reasons you are getting this but these are the most frequent that I see.
    While you may not ‘think’ you are doing anything, there may be some program on your computer doing something or there might be someone on your network doing something.

  7. Ian


    Cough. No. Definitely not. We wouldn’t be testing any new tools we’re building.
    Cough. You hear that Google? We’re not… doing… anything… bad.

  8. Mark B

    Mark B

    :) Sounds like you may want to run this tool that doesn’t exist through some type of VPN proxy service

  9. Ian


    If I had such a tool… Oh, I give up…

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