Great E-Mail Marketing by Performance

Ian Lurie Oct 24 2007

Things go wrong. Sites break. Sometimes, though, a web marketer finds a way to make lemonade. I like Performance anyway, but now I really, really like them:

Great Email Marketing
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  1. You’re right — that is an excellent example of turning a minus into a plus. Of course, what makes this a good story is the fact that it’s unusual. Which is sad.
    But the opportunities are there for companies to provide amazing customer service and for customers to remember and reward great service.

  2. With recruitment banner ads, we’ve had luck with vendors “making good” by offering additional impressions or running our ads longer. I had an interesting opposite situation with an email blast. The vendor hand typed a link in incorrectly and didn’t offer any restitution, discounts or otherwise. Unfortunately, the timing was to coincide with a specific event, so rerunning the email campaign was a mute point.
    We find that most vendors we’ve worked with lack proper QA processes or don’t offer a “test environment” prior to launching banners or emails which if in place could have prevented several technical issues that took time resolving on the back end.

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