Great Marketing vs Good Marketing = Momentum vs Acceleration

Ian Lurie Oct 9 2007

Newton's equation for momentum.

Momentum is what keeps you moving.

Acceleration is what gets you moving.

In internet marketing, which is better? I would argue strongly that momentum is more important.

Momentum means a search engine optimization campaign targeting many phrases, instead of just one. If you lose ranking for one phrase, you still have the others. Your progress is hard to check.

Acceleration is that one phrase rising to #1. It’s exciting. It presses you back in your seat. But it comes and goes.

The ideal is steady acceleration and lots of momentum. But in an imperfect world, I’ll vote for momentum any day.

How about you?

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  1. I’ve always relied on momentum in every task I undertake. Relying on acceleration can give one the potential to be complacent.
    Thanks for the post! It was short but solid and straight up.

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