Happy pi Day! But What About e?

Ian Lurie Mar 14 2008

Today is pi Day, in case you didn’t know. Geeks like us assigned 3/14 as ‘pi day’ because, well, it’s 3.14 and that’s funny. Chuckle chuckle snort.

pi Day is Great. But Why Not e Day?

But I have to stick up for a less known but just as important constant: e.
E is 2.71828 (with lots more numbers after that).
It’s crucial for financial calculations around compound interest, probability, asymptotics and a whole range of other mathematical mind-benders that give me a headache.
Google stated their intent to raise $2,718,281,828 when they filed for their IPO. How geeky is that? Matt, did you have anything to do with the choice of target amount?
We also use e in a lot of Portent’s own tools: Our keyword research tools as well as our keyword quality measurement calculator, to name two.
So let’s give pi a rest. Next year, 2/7 is e Constant Day!


  1. Jarrod Medrano

    Jarrod Medrano

    Yes, national ecstasy day.

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