Happy Pi Day from your Friends at Portent Interactive

Colin Parker Mar 13 2015


MMM. Piiiii.

It’s just a few hours till the annual Pi Day celebration at the Portent Interactive offices. About 3.14 hours if you’re into the whole brevity thing.

Somewhere, my cardiologist is yelling at this monitor. One can only assume there’s no better way to spend an afternoon as a highly paid medical professional than reading a rambling diatribe about digital marketing. Right?

Twenty years of Pi for Portent? Man, time flies.

We could probably even do the gratuitous “Fifty Shades of Pi” reference, but our CEO Ian would start throwing lemon meringue out the windows of the Smith Tower’s 17th Floor. Seriously.

No, instead we’re going to sit back with a warm slice of good old apple, geek out about digital marketing, SEO, hell maybe even a little bit of web analytics.

Things might get crazy.

And in the meantime, we invite you to honor the geeky spirit of the day too.

  1. Pay a compliment to your favorite Google Analytics Wizard by trying to stump her. We dare you.
  2. Ask your SEO Team what they think about Google’s latest algorithm change (hooray responsive design, and future-proof web development strategy!)
  3. (.14) Ask your Social Media Strategist about the one killer metric they think everyone ignores.

However you celebrate the day, we’d love to hear about it.

Hit us up on the Twitters. @portent #Pi.

Let your geek flag fly.