How To: Hire and Work With an Internet Marketing Agency

Ian Lurie Jun 4 2008

I’ve never heard anyone say “Gosh, I sure am looking forward to hiring an internet marketing agency!” Mostly they mutter something and shuffle past, sure they’re doomed.
It doesn’t have to be that way. I’ve talked a bit about this before, but I just recorded this talk/video/slideshow that goes into it in some depth:

You can also grab it off my iTunes Podcast feed once it updates, or from my direct podcast feed.

There remains nothing worse, for me at least, than having to listen to my own voice. I hear every throat-clearing and flubbed phrase. If it’s as bad as I perceive, let me know and save me some humiliation. I’ll delete it and do it again

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  1. Very Good advice. Ian.
    I found your blog by searching for, ‘improve online sales’ and have now spent an hour reading and listening to your advice.
    I have been avoiding setting up a blog because I was thinking ‘just what the world needs, another blogger’ but upon watching this video, you convinced me to set on up.
    My question to you is, ‘should we use the software that makes a blog look like it has been around for awhile or set it up with nothing on it and let it age naturally?’

  2. Ian


    @Jim Definitely let it age naturally. Any kind of automated content generation is bound to hurt your company’s image.
    If you want, hire a few writers to get things kick-started.

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