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A Marketing Secret: I Know Something you Don't


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I know something you don’t. A marketing secret. It’s really, really interesting. Not amazing, but learning it can expedite your marketing career quite nicely. Luckily, It doesn’t require a fancy degree or months of monk-like dedication in a cave to master. It’s less of a learned technique and more of a psychological sleight-of-hand, but not a mean one. Just….insightful, I suppose.

What’s particularly striking is that, given the simplicity of this technique, it is used by a seldom few. This is stunning, because some industry veterans believe this one little technique is the make-or-break, sacred bedrock of any marketing campaign. I wouldn’t go that far, but it is true that this one little clever-but-not-brilliant tactic can save you hours of mind-scrunching, brain-bending agony spent braying to the marketing muses. As someone with three years of moderate to mind-blowing marketing success under the belt that holds up her fancy pants, I can vouch for it. Because I know something you don’t, and I want you to know it too!

If you know it, you can whip up a decent piece of copy on a dime, get the green light on most projects, or coerce your way into a sales call. And it’s not even hard! An exceptionally clever child could do it, or maybe even a brilliant baby.

I know something you don’t. But I feel sorry for you, so I’m going to tell you what it is. I know you’ve been out in the cold, wandering through the lonely marketing technique streets alone, unable to catch a break or sell a campaign to save your life. Well that’s all about to change, mi querida, my dear confidante. Once you hear this technique, your boss is going to be bounding into your office daily, begging you for ideas. Your clients will be brimming with praise for the mighty, cash-money-making marketing campaigns you’ve conjured seemingly out of the air. Your colleagues will defer to you in meetings, poised breathlessly to hear the next pearl of wisdom that drops from your lips. And once you know this technique, you can use it over and over! That’s the beauty of it. Once you’ve got a jaguar in your pocket, there’s no need to go trolling for kittens, am I right?

I’m torturing you, I know. You’re ready, panting, frustrated, tickled, by the thought of your imminent success and all the retroactive glory you’ve deserved for so long will finally be heaped on your head. Here it is: I KNOW SOMETHING YOU DON’T……

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