What Does an Internet Marketing Company Do?

Ian Lurie Feb 23 2009

I’ve taken great pains to explain exactly what my internet marketing company does, but folks don’t always get it. So here’s my take on what we do, in priority order:

  1. Pull it all together. You’re dealing with the web designer, the developer, the search expert and the writer. We pull it all together into a real-live strategy.
  2. Optimize. We perform three kinds of optimization: Search engine optimization (moving you up in the unpaid search rankings); ad spend optimization (making sure the dollars you spend on pay per click, banners and such are generating a return); and site optimization (improving conversion rates for landing pages, your store, etc..
  3. Keep track. We keep an eye on what folks say about you online, and let you know as necessary. Some folks call this ‘reputation management’. I call it ‘essential’.
  4. Measure everything. We track who’s coming to your site, why, and what they do when they get there.
  5. Steer. Any decent internet marketing company will keep you on track. If we see you heading in a direction we think might hurt your business, we let you know, and offer alternatives.
  6. Teach. This could actually be #1, but it depends on the circumstances. We explain what we’re doing and why, so you become increasingly savvy about internet marketing.
  7. Report. We keep all this stuff organized, so that you can see what’s going on in one place.
  8. Analyze. It’s not enough to just send you spreadsheets. We have to make sense of it. That’s analysis.

That’s all there is to it…