Internet marketing in under 300 words

Ian Lurie Dec 29 2010

Today, you get to see the ugly, stench-ridden underbelly of my writing process. I actually recorded myself typing this blog post. While I removed a few typos that would’ve gotten me rated NSFW, the rest is pretty much straight-up:

And, in plain old text, in case you don’t want the video version:
There are no tricks to internet marketing.
No secret methods.
It’s about connecting with an audience.
It’s about building a relationship that lasts.
Just for a second:
Forget “Social Media”
Forget search engines
Forget the internet
Focus on marketing.
Focus. On. Marketing.

Great marketing requires that you
Speak where you’ll be heard
= Be found.
Favor ‘clear’
Favor ‘simple’
= Be understood.
Respond to questions
Help people out
= Please them.
Every person who finds you is a potential customer.
Every person who understands you is a potential salesperson.
Every person you please joins your marketing team.

K, you can think about the internet again.
The internet makes marketing easier:
Search engines and social networks help you show up.
The whole web gives you a chance to communicate clearly.
Social media helps you connect with customers.
But it’s still marketing:
Show up.
I know what you’re saying.
There’s no trick.
There’s no ‘method’.
Does this really work?
You tell me:
You’ve now spent 30 seconds reading plain text.
On a screen.
There’s no music.
There’s no dancing raisins or speeding cars.
No tricks.
It’s just marketing.
Delivered using the internet.
Tricky, huh?
You should try it.

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  1. Excellent! Says it all, Ian — thanks for that.

  2. I really very badly want to translate this into Dutch and post it in various virtual places I haunt.
    Even if it’s only to poke a few windbags. :-)
    Thanks for this.

  3. Daniel


    Really great post thanks!
    Although maybe a couple of dancing rasins would have been nice..!
    I do find so many “professional” marketers make marketing much harder than it needs to be…
    I love that you’ve distilled it to under 300 words – I will pass on your post to every person involved in marketing I meet!!!

  4. Great great post… it reminds mine I wrote for SEOmoz about the “Human Factor” of SEO. I cannot agree more with you, Ian.

  5. Franck


    Nothing more to add. Bad post for commenting

  6. Yep, social media is merely the channel, not the conversation. When you see inane and tangential Facebook posts by companies saying “What’s your latest holiday plans for 2011? Share them here!” Exclamation marks et al, you think zzzzzzzzzz.

  7. To your question: ‘yes, this really worked for me.’
    You got me to think: Simplicity = clarity = success.
    No matter the tool, I will keep the conversation going by really connecting with others.
    Thank you!

  8. Erica


    I have to admit, while I agree with the sentiment of the text – the Doogie Howser-style video is what sold me!

  9. Ian


    @Erica I didn’t even think of the Doogie Howser angle. I should’ve added some nice MIDI music…

  10. Erica


    Doogie is the original blogger! And since when does some MIDI music not improve a post ;)

  11. by the time I reached this bit “You’ve now spent 30 seconds reading plain text” I was grinning like a cheshire cat!
    … the point,cut to the chase,simple and brilliant!

  12. Brilliant presentation! If I wore a hat I’d be taking it off to you as I type this.

  13. Reading this was like a moment of pure clarity. Thanks Ian.

  14. I have a micro-business that I’m in the process of growing into a profitable second career. One of my biggest struggles has been marketing. THANK YOU for the most excellent advice and my new marketing mantra.

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