Internet Marketing and Small Teams

Ian Lurie Jul 2 2006

I’ve never handled an internet marketing project with a team larger than four or five people: A marketer, a developer, a designer, a project manager, and maybe, if it’s a really big project, a producer.

Our typical teams are closer to three: A marketer, a designer and a project manager, with a developer in occasional part-time support.

Some folks are put off by this. They want to see ten people, huddled in a room, all pondering their marketing challenges.

But that’s a bad approach. With a small, tight team, you’re agile, able to quickly change direction, and you spend less of the client’s time in meetings.

The best internet marketing happens in very small groups. Trust me.

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  1. I use the same kind of a team. It really pays-off to stay focused and make fast changes.

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