Internet Marketing: Game of Many Hats

Ian Lurie Sep 20 2007

multiple Ians

I kept a list of the types of things I did today. Here it is:

  1. Web analytics for an e-commerce site.
  2. Internet marketing strategy for a non-profit.
  3. Search engine optimization for yet another e-commerce site.
  4. Usability & creative review for someone’s blog.
  5. Writing for my blog.
  6. Streaming video consulting.

Sometimes it gets ugly in my office.

If you’re an internet marketer, what do you do in any given day?

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  1. Brian


    Wow, they must shop together…

  2. Chris


    My day consists of starting out the morning reading feeds and emails and enjoying some tea, amping up for the next major fire I have to put out. My job has such an amazing amount of variety it’s hard to say what I do typically afterwards, but today I spent some time designing a website, fixing a bug in a client’s blog, approving comments and marking others as spam, answering questions about a blog upgrade, designing a MySpace widget, and building up a stumbleupon presence.
    I am not happy unless I am doing 5 things at once, basically.

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