Internet Marketing, GTD Style

Ian Lurie Jul 25 2006

I am reading David Allen’s book Getting Things Done right now. His guiding principle: Focus on actions, not projects, and you’ll get more done, with less stress.

One thing that impresses me about this idea is that it adapts. Take internet marketing: For every marketer that’s willing to experiment, test and yes, maybe even fail occasionally, there are 100 who always want more data, more input, more info, etc.. They are paralyzed by the need to know everything before moving forward.

Sorry, internet marketing doesn’t work that way. You have a few options:
Buy small, measure, learn and refine until you’re happy with the results.

Buy big, gamble big, measure, and learn. You may lose a lot of money, but if you have the budget the potential upside is huge.
Never buy, avoid risk, and let everyone else learn faster than you.

No marketing is a sure thing. If you never try anything, you’ll never fail, it’s true. But you won’t learn, or succeed, either.

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