Internet Marketing is Like Contra…?

Ian Lurie Sep 16 2007

nescontroller copyWell, yeah. It is, and Brett explains why.

You can develop an internet marketing strategy around a broad, dispersed audience: The ‘shotgun approach’, where you get yourself in front of as many people as possible and hope for the best.

Or, you can develop a strategy around a deep, focused audience, where you learn the territory from top-to-bottom, and pick out your ideal customers, one at a time.

That’s why analytics (Observe and Adjust) and awareness of audience (Know the Room) are so very important. They allow you to continuously refine your tactics for happier and happier customers, a higher ROI, and a far better business.

I’ll refrain from any sniper comparisons…

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  1. Chris


    Hah! I wonder what industry is like Battletoads.

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