Internet Marketing Should be Backwards

Ian Lurie Apr 11 2007

Internet marketing should happen backwards when compared to traditional marketing.

In traditional marketing, you make your best, educated guess at your audience, try to create something that will elicit an emotional response, spend lots of money on the campaign, and hope it’ll work.

Online, you launch lots of little campaigns, watching for what works best. Then you select the top performers and use them, all the while learning about your audience.

That’s why traditional agencies so often fall flat on their faces when trying to execute internet marketing campaigns.

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  1. And because in the internet campaign you spent a little to test many areas, you are more willing to choose the winner and discontinue the rest of the campaigns.
    Hey, it’s not like you spent $10 million on one TV campaign that has already aired, right?
    You can afford to be more humble.

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