Just How Fast IS Google?

Ian Lurie Jun 26 2008

Apparently that fast.
I just did a little test, took a random blog and bookmarked it using the ma.gnolia.com bookmarking service.
I searched Google for the address of the bookmarked site 10 minutes later and there it was in the results:
I’ve talked before about Google’s incredibly fast blog search updates. This is a little different.

Why it Matters in Internet Marketing

If your client says “Oh, it’s OK. Those busted pages won’t get picked up by Google for a few weeks anyway.” pick up a medium-weight book and drop it on their foot. Twice.
I’m not saying Google will crawl everything as frequently and as fast as they crawl the ‘latest bookmarks’ page on a major site. But you have to be mindful that they could crawl and add your new pages in minutes or hours.
That means you need to:

  • Have your TITLE tags in order before you launch the new pages;
  • Have any potential search engine roadblocks removed BEFORE launch. Not after; and
  • Include the major bookmarking services, like Ma.gnolia.com and Del.icio.us, in any launch strategy.

Ignore this advice at your peril. Soon, Google may be indexing stuff using time travel. I dunno…

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  1. When I usually make a post, it appears in Google within 1 minute.

  2. That certainly explains why my pages that weren’t set up properly when uploaded never work as well as the ones that were “Ready” for Google.
    I always had a feeling about what you said but so many people said just get it up there and you can go back and fix it.
    Working on too many projects at a time, I put pages up just to move on to the next project. Time to start being serious and starting each page right.
    Thanks for this post.

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