Keeping Your Edge

Ian Lurie Dec 6 2006

Keeping your edgeI worry a lot about losing my edge. After 11 years in internet marketing, I’m afraid of becoming, well, stodgy.

Brian writes about this in his latest post.

He’s right. Our web site is the least up-to-date of all of the sites we maintain. Why is that?

I think it’s because keeping your edge (in marketing, anyway) isn’t just about keeping your edge. It’s about helping your clients keep theirs.

Authenticity is about remaining 100% dedicated to your client’s best interests, sometimes to the point of telling them they’d be better off working with someone else.

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  1. Why does the internet marketer always have the least up-to-date site?
    Same reason the cobbler has no shoes! (Especially in December!)
    Thank goodness for blogging…the busier I get, the more I have to write about (but the less time I have to write about it!)

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