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Ian Lurie Jun 13 2006

One lesson, two examples, and proof (as if it were really necessary) that I’m not infallible:

First, the lesson: If an online ad venue is a flop at 1x, increasing it to 6x will only make it a bigger flop.

I just got a call from a sales rep from an ad network. They explained that one of my clients had received about 300 clicks from their network in the last year, and tried to sell me on spending more of that client’s money to get more clicks.

300. clicks. In a year.

Sorry, there’s no chance. If you want me to spend more money, you’d better prove yourself first.

But then I went and ignored my own rule: We sent out an initial e-mail test using a rented, opt-in list. The message went to 6500 recipients. We got 10 clicks, which qualifies as the worst result I’ve ever seen.

Not believing my eyes, I then requested an additional 40,000 person e-mailing. Guess what? We got 18 clicks.

Here’s the lesson again: If an ad venue is a flop at 1x, increasing it to 6x will only make it a bigger flop.

Now and then I have to remind myself, I guess…

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  1. steve


    What were you sending the emails out for and where did you get the list?
    IMO, its great that you have 40,000 email address, but if you are sending them a message that is not even targeted to them the results will be horrible.
    Its like sending out 200 emails about getting ready for marriage to an older demographic.

  2. ian


    A really good point. This list was ostensibly targeted, very precisely. It was just a flop.

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