Marketing Is About Decisions.

Ian Lurie Nov 20 2007

If you can’t make a decision, don’t go into marketing. Don’t try to manage a marketing team, either.
[if you couldn’t tell – today’s post is a rant]
Or, as I like to say: Behind every bad marketing campaign lies a herd of managers.
This is doubly true in internet marketing. 90% of internet marketing campaigns can be designed, executed and launched within 2-3 days. Seriously. Think about your last campaign. Was it a landing page? A blog entry? An Adwords campaign?
How long did it really take to put the campaign together and run it? 4 hours? 10 hours? Maybe a couple of days?
So why did it take four weeks from the date the idea sprang from your fevered brain to launch?
Because no one could decide. You probably heard questions like:
What are our guarantees this’ll work?
Have you run this past legal?
Has the Board of Directors reviewed this?
Can we make this blue instead of navy blue?
Somewhere after that, your head explodes.
All you CEOs out there, let me give you a hint: You hired a marketer. Let them market for heaven’s sake. Stop micro-managing. Stop expecting guarantees on everything. Instead, ask these three questions:

  1. How will you measure results from this?
  2. What will you do if it works really well?
  3. How soon can you launch it?

If your marketer is worth their salt, they’ll toddle off and either launch and grow a great campaign, or launch and learn from a bad one. Either way, you gain important knowledge, you refine your marketing strategy, and your marketer does their job.
Please, for all our sakes. Decide. Or let us decide for you.

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