Microsoft: Online PR Management?

Ian Lurie Nov 27 2006

zune copyDo you think Microsoft will deal with negative reviews of the Zune? Online?

See this review in the Chicago Sun Times. Hardly a small-time publication.

If I were Microsoft I’d:

  1. Write a detailed blog post breaking down the article and addressing each concern. Especially the one regarding the failed install. Acknowledge failure, then address it.
  2. Respond to the thousands of comments on to at least demonstrate that I’m listening.
  3. Maybe point out, somewhere, that the author of this article writes a regular column with MacWorld? So maybe he’s a teeeeny bit biased?
  4. Do a little pay per click marketing. If I search for ‘zune failure’ on Google, there are zero PPC ads. None. For $.15/click Microsoft could place an ad.
  5. Do a little SEO. Microsoft doesn’t show up in the top 10 for ‘zune failure’ or ‘zune review’. They’re not in the top 5 for ‘zune’. is #1 for ‘zune’, which is great and I’m sure that’s a Microsoft property, but why not hold more spots?

C’mon guys….

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  1. Mary


    It is funny how big companies are not ready for PR management. Microsoft is not the only one who has a problem with this.
    Sometimes, I also think that a stain in reputation is not a big issue for these companies because they already got to conquer their own industry…. However, they really need to think again.

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