Ian Lurie Aug 11 2008

Big Foot Truck

Monster trucks. Why?

But about a Seattle’s worth of people go to these shows every year. A lot of people think monster trucks are really cool. I may not agree, but I doubt those folks would be all that excited at my taste in video games. So we’re even.

As marketers, we have to get past our own biases and attitudes. We need to use personas and other tools to get into our audience’s heads.

Otherwise, we may miss the best message, the best keywords or the best product presentation. Most important, we’ll miss the real value that the product brings to that audience. We’ll tell the wrong story.

If you were going to sell to the audience at a monster truck rally, what would you say?

I’m just asking…

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  1. Rob


    I have never met a person that has been to a Monster Truck show, and did not enjoy it. That said, I am guessing you have never been to one.

  2. Ian


    @Rob You’re totally right. That’s kinda my point. I can’t even guess what they’re like but they sure sound like fun.

  3. Truck and Tractor pulls are awesome and they’re based a lot on the fact that people still enjoy seeing something mechanical that has been custom- engineered and produced. They cheer for the performance of something that isn’t off-the- shelf.
    As far as the audience, I’d be passing out data cards and signing them up for a special email list of PASSIONATE fans, who are the best kind for lists. Three days after the show I’d email all of them photos from the event…to keep the event burning. Then I’d promote other news and future events. Of course I might bring in a sponsor at some point in time.

  4. Nicolee


    I love Monster Trucks!!! They are amazing!! Ell ohh Ellz.,,

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