My Book, for Free, Day 2

Ian Lurie Jan 19 2007

Thanks everyone for the great input regarding my book, which is now online for free, in HTML.

Some changes, and a bit of explanation:

Some folks noticed some missing “f’s”. Two-word explanation: Regular Expressions. For those who don’t know what a regular expression is, consider it a nuclear search and replace. Used correctly, it’s a fantastic tool for doing broad, sweeping search-and-replace, like ‘replace all instances of <font> with anything after it with <P>’. It’s also a fantastic tool for doing broad, sweeping destruction to your documents. Which is what I did, thereby replacing hundreds of instances of the letter ‘f’. I’m cleaning those up as I go.

I’ve added most of the book’s images in.

I’ve already made my first updates! Google Reader has supplanted Shrook as my favorite news reader, and Google Analytics has replaced Urchin (since Google bought Urchin, not too surprising).

I’ve also done a few things to make the ‘next’, ‘previous’ buttons a bit more obvious, I hope.

Keep the great feedback coming. Thanks!

Here’s the link to the book again: Conversation Marketing

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