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Ian Lurie Jan 18 2007

I’ve just taken a deep breath and published Conversation Marketing online, in HTML, for free.

You don’t have to register or do anything else – you can just read it.

Why on earth would I do that? Three reasons:

First: I’d like to get more input. There’s a comment form at the bottom of each page. You can submit comments to me using that form, or just e-mail me.

Second: I’d like this to grow. I have lots of ideas and ways I’d like to flesh out the concepts in my book. I can write a new book, going through all the stuff required to do that, and print it, and have it be out of date the day it publishes, or I can add new ideas, a little bit at a time, online.

Third: Frankly, it’s great propaganda. This is an experiment – I’m willing to bet I’ll sell more print books this way.

I hope to eventually turn this into a wiki, but for now, I’d like to try basic commenting and see how it goes.

Have a look: Conversation Marketing, the Online Edition

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  1. Ian,
    I loved your book. I will have to read it online again and post my thoughts.
    I gave you nice product plug on my website.

  2. Congrats on getting the book online. It is one of the very few business books I have read through twice. I recommend people have paper and pencil in hand when they read it so they can DO what you suggest.
    Now that it is online, I can read it when I am on the road.

  3. Your book is wonderful.
    I am not finished reading it yet (only 5 chapters in) but really — even though the phone keeps ringing and duty calls — I cannot close my browser.
    Just had to stop reading to tell you that…I’ll get back to work now!
    Ain’t conversation grand?

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