My First YouTube Video Ad: Opinions Please…

Ian Lurie Sep 20 2007

Hi all. If I could get some feedback on this I’d be very, very grateful:

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  1. So far so good. I would maybe put an image of your product at the end though.

  2. Jim Provost

    Jim Provost

    … but a paper organizer wouldn’t survive the water balloon either…

  3. ian


    Oh, come now. The pages might curl, and the ink might run a bit, but all is not lost.
    We’re about to do another with a laptop getting smashed into tiny pieces, as well…

  4. Dave Davis

    Dave Davis

    Maybe have a football hit it? Have it fall to the ground?

  5. Linda


    As a mom, I found it a bit unlikely that a Mom would have her laptop open, unattended, with kids and water balloons running around it. And the Treo next to it, so any bum at the park could swipe it.
    How about if Mom is actually sitting at it trying to get some work done at the park while her kids are running around? Then the water balloon, or even a water bottle gets knocked by a frisbee or ball.

  6. popup


    very funny

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