New Fat Free Guide section: Advanced Link Building

Ian Lurie Aug 12 2010

Just published 6 new modules on The Fat Free Guide’s SEO training section. Collectively, they cover Advanced Link Building.
If you’re already a subscriber, thanks! Go check out the new stuff and let me know what questions you have.
If you’re not already a subscriber, you can sign up for $7/month. But I’m nearly done with the SEO training section. At that point, the cost to become a subscriber will increase to $27/month.
Just FYI.

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  1. Ben


    I subscribed at $7 and am really enjoying it. What will be added when it goes up to $27 a month? I assume there will continue to be new content else it won’t be worth keeping up the subscription.

  2. Ian


    @Ben If you are a $7/month subscriber, your subscription will never go up. But yes, there will always be new content. I’m adding 4-8 modules per week.

  3. Ben


    I got that the subscription wouldn’t go up – that’s why I jumped in early :)
    It was you saying that you were almost finished with the SEO stuff that made me wonder what else you would be including.

  4. Ian


    @Ben OH, sorry. I get it. The Fat Free Guide is going to bea complete internet marketing how-to – not just SEO. We’ll be adding PPC, design, development, etc.. It’s a never-ending task, really.

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