No One’s ‘Just a Web Site’

Ian Lurie Jan 18 2007

I wrote this entry on our company wiki, and thought I’d share it here, too:

Whether they know it or not, none of our clients come to us for ‘just a web site’. We are an internet marketing agency. That means we’re helping every client ring the cash register more efficiently and more often using the internet. So everything we do is relevant to 99% of our clients.

Please don’t ever consider any project a ‘web site design’ or ‘development’. If we’re designing a site, we’re designing it so that folks will buy more, or sign up more often, or pick up the phone, or something else. If we’re doing production or development, we’re doing it so that the site’s more SEO-ready, and so that it uses good contingency design.

So you’re not a developer, or a designer, or a producer. You’re all marketers. If you continue to think like one, within your own area of expertise, our clients will flourish, and so will we.

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  1. Fraser


    Hear Hear.

  2. It is not about design or development or SEO or PPC. It is about connecting people, period.

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