Of Mythology and Marketing

Ian Lurie Oct 23 2008

There’s a difference between mythology and marketing.
Mythology is what makes people say “I don’t know why, but I just need a web site”. Or “We should add some social media stuff to our site”. Marketing is what makes people say “We have a national audience. A web site will help us reach them”. Or “Our customers want to talk to each other. Let’s add a comments feature.”
Mythology makes blogs seems like their own unique place on the web. Marketing means applying blogs as a unique way to manage content (which is really all they are).
Mythology makes people go hunting for the definition of ‘web 2.0’. Using the phrase only makes marketing sense if you’re trying to boost your stock price.
I’m spending this week writing the last bit of my portion of Web Marketing for Dummies. So my posts are a bit sparse. But I’m pondering a lot, so it’ll lead to posts like these.

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  1. Fabien


    I am in full agreement with this post. When you understand the reasons behind your actions; and other people’s actions – you have an advantage over the rest who simply see the ‘mythology’.
    All in all, it comes down to being educated enough to realize that someone takes Action A because of Action B or a plethora of multiple catalysts.
    Whatever that ‘Action’ is and why it has been taken is the secret to being able to tap into niches, increase your income and grow as a person and a marketeer.
    My drama teacher always urges us to justify our choices when crafting a piece of theatre at school. This principle of justification is easily applied to what we do in our daily lives, so I urge people to use it. Once again, thanks for the post, it rings true to so many aspects of life.

  2. Jess


    Removing the “myth” from online marketing is essential, lets put them back where they belong.
    Myth’s are an essential part of any group or collective body. They’re what drive countries, companies and organizations. Myths are a very important part of any marketing, be that internal, external, on line or off. Keeping “the body of stories associated with a culture or institution or person” is essential to a great organization or campaign. It’s what rallies employees, customers or voters. It’s the reason I wait in line for a product or attend a popular restaurant.
    I agree, lets take the myth out of the tools and put it back where it belongs, the message.

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