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30 Aug, 2011

Marketing for marketers: Heal thyself

By Ian Lurie

My forehead should be bleeding. I’ve pounded it against my desk about thirty times in the last 24 hours. If I can help other people and companies market themselves, why can’t I ever do it for myself? This isn’t the first time I’ve asked myself this question. But it’s the first time that I can… Read More

sekrit-raccoon Internet Marketing

25 Aug, 2011

The IT department isn’t killing you – you are

By Ian Lurie

Dear CEO/VP of operations or whatever you are: Information technology departments don’t kill businesses. CEO’s using IT departments kill businesses. I’m reading a great book by John Hughes: Haunting the CEO (affiliate link). He’s a CIO-for-hire, and he’s seen it all. I’d started writing this post before I started the book, but the book really… Read More

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Internet Marketing

17 Aug, 2011

Content curation in 13 minutes a day

By Ian Lurie

Steady, smart content curation can grow your audience on lots of social media outlets. It’s list building, social media-style: You help folks find and filter other people’s good stuff. In exchange, they start paying more attention to your good stuff. Just the facts, folks: This is a step-by-step look at how I do my daily… Read More

Internet Marketing

11 Aug, 2011

We suck at teaching internet marketing. Why?!!!

By Ian Lurie

How the hell do I teach my team internet marketing? Why do we all suck at it? I spend a lot of time on this puzzle. My company’s survival depends on it. I have to find ways to teach, and to teach teachers, while working it around everyone’s busy schedule. And I have to find… Read More

careful selection Internet Marketing

10 Aug, 2011

Internet marketing lessons: Select, don’t accumulate

By Ian Lurie

There’s one concept in Atlas Shrugged that’s always stuck with me: Select, don’t accumulate. Ayn Rand was referring to stuff, of course: Everything from throw rugs to chairs to books. I love the idea in ‘real life.’ But it works awfully well in internet marketing, too. Accumulation marketing: We all do it Accumulation marketing is… Read More

priority small Internet Marketing

4 Aug, 2011

The internet marketing priority list

By Ian Lurie

In internet marketing, your top priorities are, in this order: Appeal. A desirable product. Quality. A product that doesn’t suck once people have it. Visibility. People have to find you when they need you. Stability. Your web site has to work. Ease of use. Make your site so easy to use, a brain-dead zombie could… Read More

Internet Marketing

28 Jul, 2011

Content marketing in a nutshell: Good enough isn’t

By Ian Lurie

This blog post is based on yesterday’s content strategies session at MozCon. If you missed it, or wanted a refresher, give this a read: A quick preview This post is huge. So, here’s a quick preview: The problem. In content creation, you can’t do the minimum required work any more. There is no ‘minimum’. Changes… Read More

Internet Marketing

19 Jul, 2011

22 ways you’re making marketing difficult

By Ian Lurie

A lot of Portent-ites helped me write this. They submitted their ideas. I added the attitude. So please don’t blame them if this is obnoxious. It’s allll me. You’re too busy. Nothing works. Everything takes too long. You can’t get anything done. There are too many distractions. Your boss is a jerk with ridiculous expectations.… Read More

Internet Marketing

13 Jul, 2011

18 random thoughts about internet marketing

By Ian Lurie

Bonus tip: Learning the difference between “Chile” and “Chili” is really helpful. A little semi-random Wednesday thinking: Always ready our analytics reports. Understand them. Demand that someone make you understand them. Making business decisions without that knowledge will probably kill your company. Never buy a product with ‘Crusher’, ‘Disintegrator’ or ‘Miracle’ in the name. Anything… Read More

Finding what is true Internet Marketing

8 Jul, 2011

Marketing truths: People buy pleasure, not prevention

By Ian Lurie

People buy pleasure, not prevention. I know, deep for a Friday afternoon. It’s a rule that’s helped me sell for years, though. Try it on for size: Bike helmets and prevention: A marketing failure It’s hard to scare people into buying something. When I was in law school, I worked in a bicycle shop that… Read More

Internet Marketing

23 Jun, 2011

AppSumo deal – all my e-books for $25

By Ian Lurie

AppSumo has taken a real liking to Portent’s e-books. Today, they’re offering all of our e-books: Conversation Marketing The SEO CopyWriting e-book The Fat-Free Guide to Google Analytics PPC for Small Business (a two-book series) For a total of $25. You can get it here: AppSumo Online Marketing eBook Bundle Posting later today: 10 things… Read More

Internet Marketing

21 Jun, 2011

Internet marketing and sailing have a lot in common

By Ian Lurie

On my vacation last week, I got to go sailing. I’ve sailed since I was 12. In the last 15 years, I’ve only gotten to do it every 2-3 years, at best, but I at least know my port from starboard. I sailed a boat called a Hobie Wave: We nearly ended up having a… Read More

ian-angry Internet Marketing

16 Jun, 2011

Ian’s Angriest Posts

By Portent Staff

Ian’s on vacation this week, to a place with little or no internet and he asked for a volunteer to do a CM post and to have “fun” if so warranted. Well, it’s warranted. And I am leaving the country while he’s gone and not coming back for a couple of weeks after he gets… Read More

shield small Internet Marketing

27 May, 2011

Get Defensive (Design): First Smashing Magazine Article

By Ian Lurie

Just got my first-ever article published on Smashing Magazine: Getting Started With Defensive Design. Anyone who’s read this blog for a while knows I obsess about good web defensive design. I’m really excited that SmashingMag accepted this article. The folks there put in a ton of time helping me get the article ship-shape, and put… Read More

Internet Marketing

25 May, 2011

What freakish and frumpy aircraft teach you about internet marketing

By Ian Lurie

This is a rewrite of an old, old bit I wrote on the Portent web site way back when. It’s not the same. Nor are my feelings on the subject. The best internet marketing campaigns are the ones you don’t notice—they just do their job, delivering the stuff you need to your screen, when you… Read More

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