Personas Video: SEOMoz Whiteboard Friday

Ian Lurie Jan 18 2008

wbfridayRand Fishkin over at SEOMoz very kindly invited me to this week’s Whiteboard Friday to discuss personas in internet marketing.
If you’ve never seen a Whiteboard Friday, they’re brief videos, hosted by Rand, that discuss various internet marketing topics.
You can see the video here.
Does the camera make me look fat? Or just show how far my hairline has receded? You be the judge…

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  1. Ian –
    Great video. I remember learning about personas in my behavioral marketing course back in college, but havent even thought about it regarding internet marketing.
    One question. How scaleable is this to do for every client. It just seems it would take a lot of time.

  2. You don’t look fat at all! Hairline, maybe! :)
    Great video – helped me understand what you already wrote about much better!

  3. Ian


    Very generous, Rex.
    Really at my age it’s more about looking… mushy… than fat :)

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