Pondering Internet Marketing

Ian Lurie Jun 7 2006

The Thinker by Rodin in Paris museum isolated on white backgroundI’m on a bit of an internet marketing tear this week, with my little rant yesterday, and now this post.

I’m prepping for a breakfast presentation tomorrow, which may explain it. The first question in the presentation is ‘What is internet marketing?’. Generally, when I ask that question, I get a range of answers, but none include ‘my web site’. That’s a major omission.

Your web site is the first, critical component of an internet marketing campaign. It’s not a separate project, or separate thing. You need to be considering your campaign when you build your site.

Before I get the flood of e-mails: Sure, you could use e-mail with phone numbers and skip the site, but would you?…

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  1. Thai


    I agree, your website is the kernel of your internet advertising program. You need to make sure your website is bang on before starting any other activities.

  2. Mary


    Same here. Establishing a business website also means building your marketing efforts. Every detail on your web page is essential to your success, thus, you have to combine effective marketing efforts too.

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