Presidential Campaign Web Site: The Recipe

Ian Lurie Mar 4 2007

My recipe for a presidential campaign web site. If you’re running for president, save yourself some time and just cut-and-paste:


Hi, my name is INSERT NAME HERE.

Come watch videos of me on INSERT NAME HERE TV.

Join my team!

Read my blog, even though I never write on it!

I’m one of you! Look! I even have a Facebook page that I have yet to update!


In spite of my cynical exterior, I am an idealist. I want a dynamic candidate who really does offer something different. Right now, though, I sure can’t figure that out from the online campaigns. And while the internet isn’t the ultimate arbiter of candidate success, I’ll bet it’s indicative.

Please, it’s only 2007. Don’t let it get formulaic yet:

Use some kind of web analytics to see what your audience likes (Note: has Google Analytics installed. You go!).

Adjust your site to deliver on that promise.

In 2004 the Dean campaign showed how to make it easy for folks to join the cause. Now, make it even easier. Let me make a PayPal donation with one or two clicks, for example.

Post video of major speeches that same day. Don’t worry about editing it. Just let me see the speech! (I missed the event in Selma today because I was traveling – I’d sure like to watch the speeches now)

Break the mold: Design a site that’s not like the others.

tags : conversation marketing