Pyramid Marketing, 2: The Results

Ian Lurie Oct 30 2006

pyramid hierarchyA few folks have very astutely asked me whether my test on generated quality, targeted traffic.

The answer is a qualified ‘yes’.

So far I’ve received as much traffic in any 24-hour period as I usually get in a week. Average time on the site is down to about 3 minutes from 4 minutes. Average page views per visitor is the same – 2 page views per session, with an important qualifier: That includes RSS feed views. Take out the RSS feed and it’s closer to 7 pages per session.

I have about 15 more folks on the site’s notification e-mail list, too.

However, I haven’t sold a single book. Sniff.

I’m collecting these stats while stoned on DayQuil and corralling two sugar-crazed children. So while they may be inaccurate, I can vouch for their consistent inaccuracy.

Regardless, the upshot is: More traffic, and apparently interested visitors, but no high-value conversions (book sales). Standing on its own doesn’t look like a great ad value, but it does look like a good way to jump-start a campaign. Plus, if someone buys an ad above yours, you get a full refund…

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  1. mike


    makes me think that maybe you need a teaser product or something with a lower price point
    maybe an audio of the book for $9?
    or a couple of free sample chapters?
    or it could be as simple as a ‘buy the book’ link in the top nav!
    what about sample audio chapters sent to all the podcast directories??
    good luck!

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