Pyramid Marketing: A Pricey Test

Ian Lurie Oct 28 2006

pyramid hierarchySeth Godin had an article about MMMZR on his site. The concept was so bizarre and so interesting that I purchased an ad.

Basically, it’s the ultimate pyramid marketing scheme, gone viral.

It was expensive. Really expensive. But, on the other hand, it’s sent as much traffic to this site in the last two hours as I got all day yesterday. We’ll see how it works out.

Further bulletins as events warrant…

tags : conversation marketing


  1. mikey


    agreed. interesting site
    but was the extra traffic any good … and how long until we as marketers find out?!

  2. Ian you may be receiving more traffic, but I wonder how trageted the traffic is.
    Let me know if you gain subscribers and orders for your book?

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