Register for social media woot! Palm Springs by 11/4, get a free Apple TV

Ian Lurie Nov 2 2010

I’ve spent 3 days now in a vicodin-induced haze, trying to recover from a kidney stone. Yesterday at about noon, the vicodin stopped working and I spent 6 hours curled up in a ball.

Now I know why: The folks at Wappow! stole my vicodin and replaced it with sugar pills. It’s the only possibility, since they’re giving away an Apple TV to everyone who signs up for Social Media Woot! Palm Sprints before Thursday.

I don’t make any money if you sign up – I have no financial axe to grind here – but the Woot! event in Hawaii was fantastic. if you want to hang out with some of the smartest people in the industry in a think tank-style environment where you get to ask tons of questions, the Woot! events are perfect.

tags : conversation marketing