Rethinking Marketing

Ian Lurie Dec 18 2006

In Joseph Jaffe’s “Life After the 30-Second Spot”, he writes that

When creativity is allowed to flourish, innovative ideas flow fast and furiously; when creativity is stifled, mediocrity and status quo are the order of the day.

2 pages later he follows with:

In this day and age, when data is the DNA of success, success becomes a function of the ease and extent to which data is cultivated, harvested, shared, and transformed into the kinds of insight and action capable of altering ingrained perceptions and behaviors and building businesses.

Joseph Jaffe gets it. You can’t separate creativity from analysis any more. Think with both halves of your brain…

Thanks to Brian for reminding me of this book!

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  1. Thanks for the props! I could say the same about you!

  2. Conrad Parsons

    Conrad Parsons

    Hardly a staggering insight is it? Jaffe puts it well though.

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