September 28 Seminar Recording Available

Ian Lurie Oct 9 2006

You can now listen to my September 28th seminar at Adhost. It’s in MP3 format, 25 megabytes, 86 minutes, and is available for free. Just click and it’s yours.

In it, I cover the entire Conversation Marketing process, from start to finish. I also answer some great questions from the audience.

I also, apparently, say ‘um’ at least 423 times. I did you all the favor of editing those out…

Listen: September 28th Seminar | MP3 Format | 25 megabytes | 86 minutes

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  1. It sounds like you had slides. Is there any way I can get a copy?

  2. Thanks a lot Ian.
    For anyone that wants a preview about Ian’s book Conversation Marketing listen to the seminar and view the slides.
    I read Ian’s book 3 months ago and this was a great recap.

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