Seth Godin Discusses The Naive Prospect

Ian Lurie Dec 18 2006

At some point, all of us sell to customers who know nothing about that which they’re buying. These kinds of customers are intimidated, afraid of making the wrong choice, and very hesitant.

On the internet, it’s even more of an issue: Many potential customers are nervous simply because they’re browsing the web, and don’t know what to trust. Then they have to make a decision about the unfamiliar product or service they’re buying.

Most internet marketing fails to address this audience – sites dive too deep, too fast, hide contact information, create maze-like navigation structures or otherwise intimidate potential customers.


Seth Godin just wrote a brief bit about selling to this audience. His five points are great advice.

One thing I’d change, though: Embracing the naive prospect is not just about the one-time customer. It is great advice for anyone who has to sell to first-time buyers. Educate, explain, be (and act) honest and you are halfway there.

tags : conversation marketing