Seth Godin on Analysis vs. Intuition

Ian Lurie Jul 27 2006

intuition v analysisSeth Godin has a wonderful post about intuition vs. analysis.

Of course I think it’s wonderful. First of all, he’s reading holding onto not recycling a copy of my book (I hope) and may offer some feedback. Second, his opinion nicely matches mine.

If you’re always too terrified of failure to trust your gut, seeking instead empirical proof, you’ll never make much progress. Especially in Internet marketing. It’s not like there’s 50 years of historical data to fall back on.

Analysis has its place: You can analyze results. But you can’t analyze the future, so it all comes down to gut instinct.

So take a little gamble. Build your own simple site for your Next Big Idea. Try advertising in a venue that just seems right. Worst case, you fail, and you learn something. C’mon. It’s not just me saying it. It’s Seth Godin, too…

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