Should I choose marketing or SEO?

Ian Lurie Sep 9 2009


tags : conversation marketing


  1. manveer


    it totally depend upon a business perspective!!! SEO can do wonders for organization that wanna seek market through online and its cheaper than traditional methods of marketing…
    most important thing you have to keep in mind is your market segmentation!!! if a you are a start-up and want to gain brand recognition– SEO is the thing that can take you world apart, digital marketing is booming coz of widespread internet usage, we will only see brands opting for social media in coming days!!!!!!!!

  2. Matt


    Ehh, Brand Recognition should be the natural outflow of your products/services. You can brand all you want but if your product sucks or you provide crappy service because spent all your time Branding , why do cattle come to mind when I say this?, then you’ve gotten your Branding done, its just negative.
    If you provide a unique product or a fantastic service, or a combination thereof, your brand will gain positive recognition.
    I guess all that to say, don’t be lazy with what you do!

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