Site Speed Presentation: The links

Ian Lurie Oct 8 2015

I do a presentation about page load speed. The presentation includes a lot of little tips. Here are links to any relevant stuff. The links change now and then, so keep an eye on things.

Note!!!! We now have a complete guide to page load speed optimization. No signup, no registration, nothing required. Read it.

The links:

Site speed vs. revenue
The stats and explanation around revenue vs. page load time.

Diagnostic tools

Google PageSpeed Insights
Web Page Test

Image compression tools

Caesium (PC)
ImageOptim (Mac)

Javascript/CSS/HTML compression tools

mod_deflate (for Apache 2.4)
nginx ngx_http_gzip_module

Expires headers

Apache mod_expires (Apache 2.4)
nginx ngx_http_headers_module
IIS ClientCache

Lazy loading

LazySizes javascript
JQuery Lazy Load

Some speedy tech stack options

Varnish (caching in steroids)

Code caching/speedy type stuff

APC (PHP caching)
XCache (PHP caching)

Random links

W3TotalCache (great speed upgrades for WordPress)
Google PageSpeed Module (automated PageSpeed for your server)
Google Hosted Code Libraries for jQuery, Angular, Dojo, MooTools, etc. etc.

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