Social Media Seminar Rebroadcast

Ian Lurie Feb 15 2010

Last week I gave a 1-hour presentation about social media to Lenora Edwards’ roundtable group. This is a recording (warts and all) in two parts.
I cover a lot of territory, from ‘what is social media’ to a couple of templates for using social media to grow your business.
Have a look:
Part 1:

Part 1 of a 45-minute presentation I gave about social media in February of 2010. This part introduces the concepts of online social media, the implications for business, and how you can build a network.

Part 2 covers the second half of the presentation and provides some specific templates for succeeding in social media.

Part 2:

This is part 2 of my social media presentation from February 2010.

The first part covered the basics. This part (the conclusion) covers specific templates for social media and your business, plus Q&A with the group.

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  1. I listened to part 2 and enjoyed it. I was reminded of some important things I knew but am now re-committed to actually do (write every freaking day!) and I learned some things (The farther away from the buying decision, the more you can change my mind about buying criteria.). Thanks! And, I too tire of the dismal state of marketing as practiced today. So, stay crotchety my friend!

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