Stump Ian: Ask your internet marketing questions

Ian Lurie Oct 15 2007

Riddle me this…

It’s that time again. Have a question about internet marketing?

Wondering why you can’t move up on Google?

Trying to decide whether you should sell your product/service online?

Get some free help from yours truly: Post your question as a comment, below, and I’ll answer it on the blog in the next day or so.

If you stump me, I’ll abstain from chocolate for a day…

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  1. If the new marketing is all about conversation, why does it take so much effort to get people to talk. Or why only 1% people coming to our blog site comment?

  2. Rhys


    Hey there Ian,
    I’m in the middle of attending the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit here in DC and have been exposed to a lot of internet marketing options out there — SEM, SEO, display ads, affiliate marketing, email marketing, etc — as well as all of the metrics I should be monitoring and/or segmenting on. The thing is, I work for a small non-profit where my job encompasses internet marketing, webmaster duties, writing copy and more…. I’m wondering, if I know I can’t do everything that is important, what marketing options and best practices should I focus on, and which could be skimped?

  3. If place a press release on my website and then push it through for exposure and backlinks would I get flagged for duplicate content?
    or would google understand the intent of press release on my website and prweb?
    Thanks Ian!

  4. What are the most promising new technologies for user-generated content and conversation on niche e-commerce sites? I’m considering, blogs, reviews, gift registries, wish lists as old hat.

  5. Can you give me some suggestions on PPC?

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