One subtle sign you’re dealing with an internet marketing scam

Ian Lurie Jul 5 2010

Got this in my e-mail inbox this morning. If you try this software do not call me later saying it was deceptive:

cheesy software ad
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  1. LOL. “f r e e” stuff is always my favorite. Especially when it promises to bring you piles of cash with no effort.
    Its fun, 4 or 5 years ago I may have believed that things like this actually existed. Having run my own business for 3 years, I know nothing could be further from the truth. You always get paid in direct proportion to the quality/quantity of value you deliver!
    nice one!

  2. Sally


    Hey Ian, ohhhhhhhhhhh it looks like exactly what I need please forward it to me, NOT!
    I get inundated with such offers everyday, thank god I realized they are all scams, no magic button unfortunately.
    I think I will stick to the good old fashioned way of making money online, with a little hard work.
    Sally :)

  3. The thing is, a lot of seemingly reputable SEO / SEM companies have equally terrible looking pages! They love different SIZED FONTS, bold, underlines, etc. Google may like these things for emphasis, but man, they’re ugly.

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